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Note how much glare is knocked out and how much visibility is increased when the shade is lowered, making it much easier on the eyes.

Sun Control retractable window shades offer some daytime privacy and you can raise them whenever you want. Our shades come in a variety of materials and are custom made for a perfect fit. Make sure your measurements are correct in order for the shade to properly fit in the window opening.


Our window shades mount inside your existing windows. These shades offer the same protection from the suns damaging rays as window film. The space between the shade and windows also traps air and acts as an insulation.


The Sun Control Shade has a special release mechanism that you operate with a chain and allows the operator to raise and lower the shade, stop at any desired position and holds at that position.

  • 3 Shade Styles to Choose
  • Most shades shipped in 3-4 days
    • Phifer SheerWeave – See-Through woven Technology. The #1 selling window covering on the market
    • Madico Mylar Shades – Ideal for gas stations, convenience stores, car dealer, drive up windows and homes with a view.
    • Black Out Vinyl – Light blocking and privacy all the time. 18 colors to choose from.
  • CONTROLS – Bead and clutch, Spring control and Somfy wireless motorization with remote control.
  • OPTIONS – Aluminum top fascia or cassette. PVC valance and light blocking side channels. Exterior shade cable hold downs.


  • Space between shade and window insulates
  • Shades can be raised when not needed
  • Glass and frame are quickly accessible for cleaning or repairs
  • Able to view wildlife outside without them seeing you
  • Energy saver for all seasons
  • Daytime privacy
  • Reduced glare
  • Improved comfort


How do I clean the shades?

Alcohol and a soft cloth.

How long do they last?

We have some that have been hanging for 30 years.

Will they help in the Winter?

Yes, the space between the shades and window becomes an insulator.

Are they difficult to install?

No, it only takes 4 screws.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a 7 year warranty on our shades.

Will the shades affect my plants?

No, you just have to water them less.

Why a window shade and not a film?

You can operate a shade on gloomy days and roll it up at night to see out.

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